Friday, July 17, 2009

Winter update

Well its been a while since I have updated this so I figure I'll throw a cheeky update on.
The reason being that I havnt updated is that I havnt had much to put on here.
Got some sick creeking in lately, me and Ryan got on a nice high tuakopai a while back and bombed out a quick run, both landing wayyyy to flat on douglas falls, took a few days to recover from that one. Other than that its been quiet on the kayaking side of things with the winter cold making us pursue other activities such as mountain biking and the odd surf (yes its freezing).

There has been a new run discovered in the Kaimais, the Heretatua or something along the lines of that, shot to pete, ryan, fatty and elby for claiming it, looks sick and I know were im heading next time the floods happen.

Also check out Mr. Simon Davidsons blog for some hawkes bay sickness, him and Sam Roil headed over there to jump on some river with a hard to remember maori name (arnt they all) and found some goods. Check it out and get on it.

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