Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Known Descent - Omahaki Stream

Well its been a pretty busy past week mishing it round the North Island catching up with mates in Welly and getting raucous in town then coming back up here only to head down to Taupo, pick up Matt Burton, and head on over to the Hawkes bay where there had been a ton of rain and Sam Roil had some creeks and possible first D's lined up for us.

So we managed to get on a creek that Sam had been eyeing up for years and hasnt been run so sweet! Knowing there was a decent sized gorge and no idea what was in there we were excited for a sick day.
What we found was a funky little creek that would be terrifying but super fun in higher water, at our flow it was reminiscent of a low Rangitikei mixed in with a low flow Glenroy. Cool stuff, tick it off.
Enjoy the pics.

At the put-in. What awaits us, who knows?

First of many narrow little drops.

Sam on the biggest drop on the river.

Me on the same drop - boof, avoid rocks, sweet as!

Sam on a tight little chute

Matt running a rapid I wouldnt really call a clean one. The line is more or less paddle over the seive then get your boat grabbed and pulled over the next part of the seive. Didnt work so well for me.

Sam running a rather difficult and sticky hole.

 Shot for the mish boys, and thanks to Matt for the photos.

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